DV2 concentrates on a subject that every New Yorker can relate to: subway musicians. We tell the story of what happens underneath the city streets and in particular, the musicians that fill its corridors with the sounds from the underground. The square accordion-fold format for this issue has the viewer reading from one end to the other. The design embraces the fluidity of motion underground and begs the reader to keep turning the page.


DV2 is not only a feast for the eyes, but one for the ears with the inclusion of a music CD that has 10 tracks by NYC subway musicians.


“Once you immerse yourself in the subway culture and pay attention to those musicians playing on the platforms that you pass by daily, you see the subway in a different light; you appreciate it as a stage for even the most obscure of instruments” says Maria Peracchio, VP Marketing for Digital Color Concepts.


Danny Clinch loves music. He listens to it, plays it, photographs it, and films it.

Danny Clinch, renowned photographer, added a new level of visual expertise to the project. Danny is no stranger to photographing musicians. Working with the likes of Willie Nelson, Bruce Springsteen, Jack Johnson, Pearl Jam, Phish, Radiohead and Norah Jones, Danny’s vantage point captures more than just the artist and an instrument. He has been photographing subway musicians for over 15 years, so this issue of DV reflects music under New York from both past and present.


The DV2 event was held at F/ocus Studios in Manhattan

In addition to the printed piece, The DV team hosted a reception and launch party for clients to preview the new issue. “DV2: See Listen Ride” was revealed to the New York creative community at F/ocus Studios, a raw photography space on Manhattan’s Westside. “Our goal was to immerse the guests in the guise of the subway, recreated aboveground. We wanted people to associate the party with subway counterculture. From the way-finding signage to the platforms to the musicians themselves, reproducing the street environment was essential to maintaining the feel of the evening,” states Steve Pandolfi, President of dcc.

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